Billing / Sales

Cash billing, Multiple credit card payments, Credit billing, Return Management, On hold invoicing, Search of customer by phone no or name, Last purchase amount of customer. GST Managements, Complete security and multi users and staff login. Mention discounts and more.

Barcode Management

Get Barcoding done much simpler. Using a Barcode system reduces employee training time. Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error. Helps encode and centralize all products information so that it becomes simple for store owners to quickly and accurately track products.

Purchase Management

Auto Barcode / Label Printing from Purchase Bill. Purchase entry by Barcode or Item name. Export purchase from Excel. Auto GST calculation as per party origin.

Inventory management

We makes the process of managing your inventory a lot easier, saving you time and money. With supply and demand changing throughout the year and your stock levels continuously fluctuating, DEVISOFT helps to avoid the risk of human error by automating your key business processes.

Auto SMS Integration

It will help you to improve the business by promoting messages. You can also send thank you sms, bulk sms, outstanding sms, Day end sms to owner.

Online / Offline Store

At DEVISOFT we have both online and offline module for your business.