About Us

Empower your business with a more cost-effective, efficient and reliable retail management solution, that is, DEVISOFT .


 DEVISOFT has been designed and developed, putting to use advanced technology, to make it much easier for the retailer to enhance their business operations much more effectively. Our multi-faceted, multi-featured software is all blessed with accuracy, flexibility, ease of operations, data security, operational control and much more – means, you do not have to worry over anything. All that you can desire of in your modern POS has now been culminated into DEVISOFT .


With our customized, user-friendly retail management solution, you can  streamline your retail business with no hassle at all.


Get our retail management software integrated into your existing legacy systems and get on more profitably with your business. We believe in delivering the most comprehensive and simplified easy retail management solution with much more increased affordability and quicker implementation, by providing deployment options our clients may need. Our innovatively designed and developed retail management solution is available for you in two versions: In-house Installation and Cloud.

With a view to provide digitized retail management solution, we have come up with our DEVISOFT  software which is blessed with all features which make retail management simpler.

DEVISOFT  is the Easiest Billing Software in the Market. DEVISOFT  is Billing Sofware and Inventory Software. This is also for Small Business Invoicing Software. DEVISOFT  is ready to use GST Billing Software. It is suitable as Small Business Invoicing Software. DEVISOFT  is widely used as Kirana shop Billing software, Supermarket Billing Software and other Point Of Sale Software.

DEVISOFT  is designed to manage time and Billing software, Inventory Software as well as Point Of Sale Software for services and products. DEVISOFT  Billing software can track the bills generated by staff. DEVISOFT  Inventory Software also takes care of the products sale and purchase.

Billing Software is a Software for Retail Shop which creates reports to display information such as hours worked, expenses incurred. DEVISOFT  Point Of Sale Software records how much to bill clients and which customers owe money.

DEVISOFT  Inventory Software is for tracking inventory/stock, orders, sales and deliveries. Shops use Inventory Software to avoid product overstock and wastage. DEVISOFT  is a Point Of Sale Software for organizing stock data that before was generally stored in hard-copy form or in spreadsheets.